Listen to Sabrina Starke.

Discover the lovely and talented Sabrina Starke, whose music changes a bit from the mainstream [...]

Destiny’s Child is BACK.

Yesterday, at the halftime of the greatest football game in America, Beyoncé performed phenomenally! Then, [...]

You won’t see me again.

We tried to translate a beautiful song in Wolof for you, called “Weet” by El [...]

Here’s how to make History.

Here’s Jay-Z’s uplifting rap song “History”, in honor of all the people fighting real hard [...]

You are Love…

There’s nothing left to say, just listen and take in all the smoothness of a [...]

Everyday Good

Get your jam on with this sweet sweet tune from reggae artist Patrice, who is [...]

Ray and Norah

Here’s a beautiful song by the legendary Ray Charles and the lovely Norah Jones called [...]

Kassav’ Throwback

Do any of you remember the popular Carribean band Kassav’? It’s a band that was [...]

Here’s to New York

Hurricane Sandy was on a mission to destroy New York City yesterday. We don’t know that [...]

Try a little tenderness

You probably heard snippets of this song on Jay-Z and Kanye’s “Otis” single. Here’s the [...]

In the 212

Here’s the dope 212 video that will shock you a little if you haven’t watched [...]

When all we have is Jacques

Thirty-four years ago, a great artist by the name of Jacques Brel passed away at [...]

Your (daily?) dose of music

Here’s Brenda Fassie’s timeless hit “Vulindlela”. Enjoy! PS - The song is about a mother who’s [...]

Salif and Cesaria, “Yamore”

Beautiful song about love from the Cape Verdean diva Cesaria Evora, may she rest in [...]

Kanye West goes to Nigeria.

Here at Tamaji, we’ll have music for you on a daily basis because we know [...]

How do you not know Inna Modja?

Mentored by legendary world musician Salif Keita, Malian vocalist Inna Modja later abandoned the music [...]